Marketing Strategy – For effective fundraising

marketing strategyMarketing Strategy – For effective fundraising

by Peter Maple published by the Directory of Social Change
First Edition 2003. New extensively revised, updated and enhanced second edition  published January 2013.

Book Description
This valuable addition to the DSC/IOF fundraising series looks at the key role played be marketing in successful fundraising. Importantly however it should be of value to any student of marketing or practitioner looking to work more effectively in their use of the marketing function.

This new addition to the series looks at the key role played by marketing in successful fundraising. Drawing on the experiences of the author at the YMCA & YCARE, Arthritis Care; Leonard Cheshire Disability, Brooke Animal Hospital, Crisis UK and other charities, with contributions from many experts in the field, the book covers:

  • Why charities need marketing and why marketing needs charities
  • A brief history of marketing
  • Preparing a marketing strategy
  • The charity as a brand
  • Stakeholders and shareholders
  • Volunteers – the unique benefit proposition
  • Marketing communications
  • Reaching the right audiences
  • Marketing and what the future might hold
  • Glossary and sources of further information.

The main thesis of the book is that whilst charities still have an awful lot to learn about marketing, and in particular integrated marketing, from the commercial world; the for profit sector can learn a tremendous amount from the not for profit world about effective tactical marketing and about getting quarts out of pint pots.

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