Interim Management

KQ-More-Information-NEWThis is currently with not for profit and public sector organisations and is led by Peter Maple MBA, CIM, Diploma Member of the Institute of Fundraising.

Peter Maple has been working in the voluntary sector over the last 20 years with a range of charities including: YMCA & YCARE, Arthritis Care, Leonard Cheshire Disability, Crisis UK and the Brooke Hospital for Animals.

Prior successful and appropriate experience includes senior marketing positions in a number of multinational communications companies.

When not-for-profit organisations undergo significant change – the loss of a chief executive or key senior executive, such as director of fundraising and communications there can be a very considerable loss of momentum and even direction whilst a suitable replacement candidate is identified and successfully recruited.

Delays of six months or more are not unusual when the first loss is unexpected. In that time other key staff may decide to leave thus increasing costs and reducing effectiveness. To overcome many of the problems of lost momentum, reduced team performance and staff morale it can be extremely cost effective to employ an experienced senior professional to hold the reins during the interim period.

Such placements can often be accomplished on a two or three days per week basis so that no additional expenditure, over use of the original salary and overhead, need be incurred. This positive intervention by trustees or existing chief executive can have huge benefits in improved performance and reduced staff turnover caused by unrest at the original change. The interim manager may also be used as a valuable change agent during such times, or for planned change where a permanent member of staff is not justified. Successful projects include work with charities such as: CSOC USPG Brooke Hospital and BackCare. and Crisis UK.