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Welcome to Kew Quorum. We work collaboratively with individuals and organisations helping them to achieve better results.

This involves people working or volunteering with charities, not for profit and public sector organisations. It includes interim management to help take up the reins if a chair, chief executive or senior manager moves unexpectedly, leaving trustees with a gap before a suitable permanent replacement can be successfully recruited. During that time income and morale can drop and other key staff may leave if hands on leadership is lacking.

In addition; strategic reviews and planning, fundraising, marketing, communications projects can be handled in a creative, cost effective way.

These in turn may lead to or include specific one on one training, coaching and mentoring not just for senior managers but, for example, where a more junior functional manager has been promoted to a management position with a much greater span of authority and specific support needs are identified.

Kew Quorum was founded in 2003 by four partners with expertise in senior charity management, fundraising & marketing, social policy, public sector and social enterprise development. Our list of satisfied clients includes: Crisis UK, RADAR, Brook Hospital, London South Bank University, BackCare, South Bank Mosaics and the Directory of Social Change.

The Video below, about Ian McGilchrist’s challenging view of the way that Western Society organises and plans encapsulates Kew Quorum’s innovative way of working with both the large and small pictures. Click here