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Kew Quorum acts as a social enterprise dedicated to working innovatively for the benefit of our clients.

Individuals and organisations will benefit by working with us because, very simply, we add value through solving problems.

Founded originally in the 1990 by four partners with Marketing, Strategic Planning, Counselling, Psychotherapy and Social Work Management skills, the practice has developed and now has two senior partners, Peter Maple and Norma Anderson Maple, whose individual and group skills lie at the heart of the success of the organisation. A number of other very experienced consultants and therapists are also deployed in appropriate circumstances.

Clients include individuals, charities, public sector agencies and other not for profit organisations. Click Here for services.

Alternately for information concerning individual therapy and group analysis, click here.

This a a new version of our website and if any of the links or graphics do not work correctly please accept our apologies and if you have the time let us know what is wrong by sending an email to the webmaster.



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